Everyone can do Organic

The 'Everyone can do Organic Food' project is a nationwide network that aims to achieve more sustainability in the catering at day-care centres and schools. The focus is on organically grown food, but also regional, seasonal, animal-welfare and fair-trade products. Free workshops enable the participants receive practical tips on how to introduce such foods in their facilities or how to further increase the proportions they have already achieved.


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Food for Life in the UK helps schools develop a sustainable food culture




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'Increasing the amount of organic, seasonal and local food served in your school canteen can help lower our carbon footprint. Work with cooks and caterers to make changes and communicate these to pupils and parents'

How is the project linked to climate change and sustainability?

The use of organically produced food and the use of regional and seasonal products can reduce the CO2 footprint in catering. Ecologically produced food preserves the soil and makes a contribution to biodiversity. Short transport routes and seasonal goods also generate fewer greenhouse gases, which makes a contribution to sustainable business.

Who is involved?

The project involves anyone with an interest in catering for children and adolescents. The workshops are aimed at domestic and educational specialists in day-care centres and schools: catering companies, municipal administrations, catering providers as well as parents and other interested persons.

How are the participants involved?

In the workshops, the participants learn a lot about sustainability in catering with suggestions and practical skills through cooking units in the workshops. This improved understanding facilitates the changeover of the catering offer to a more sustainable one. Staff develop their role to create an awareness of a healthy, socially and ecologically sustainable eating culture.

Key steps:

The 'Everyone can do Organic Food' project work with the school cooks and wider staff to help make meals more sustainable. It includes the following steps that you could introduce at your school:

Step 1. Learn about the key roles of staff to change food procurement and habits.

Step 2. Consider how to raise quality and make food more sustainable.

Step 3. Develop opportunities to learn about where food comes from in an inspiring way

Step 4. Think about activities around food tastes, world cuisine and intercultural eating skills.

Step 5. Consider how to communicate with and inspire parents.