SAMBA (Sociability, Art, Music, Mountain-Bike, Open Air)

This project gives children (6-11 years) at the Comprehensive Institute of Corinaldo the opportunity to discover their land through art, music, mountain biking and games. Each child is able to recreate the simple games of the past with recyclable materials; represent the nature that surrounds them through painting; build and play instruments and cycle along the country paths of the local area. The project enables many visits to discover more about the environmental and cultural heritage.


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'Combine environmental education with outdoor exercise, cycling and walking - this will help generate a love and understanding of nature'

How is the project linked to climate change and sustainability?

This project is linked to climate change and sustainability because it makes children more sensitive to these questions through play: everything is made with natural and rewaste materials and created outdoors. One teaches to protect one's environment once it has been made known and loved.

Who is involved?

The project involves teachers, pupils and their families from the Comprehensive Institute of Corinaldo in the Municipality of Ostra Vetere.

How are the participants involved?

CLAR developed the project concept and presented it to the administration of the Municipality of Ostra Vetere and to the Dean of the Corinaldo Comprehensive Institute, which includes kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in the municipality. CLAR worked with these partners to develop the project design, and promoted it to families through e-mails and posters. The SAMBA website publishes the events and activites of the project and social networks help get people involved and keep them informed. Direct contact with families has been established in the very first weeks of the project, so that CLAR can be informed about specific needs of children.

Key steps:

These are the project stages that you could develop in your own school.

An initial meeting was held with families to present the programme of activities, introduce the staff and cover the formal and legal duties. SAMBA then carried out the following main steps:
1) In order to respect the anti-covid and scholastic rules, the 21 children are divided into 3 groups. Small groups make leaning much more engaging and enables all children to take part and feel included.
2) Each group have two afternoon meetings in the open air for six weeks, developing these activities:
•    Mountain-biking
•    Art: painting en plain-air; drawing; designing cartoons
•    Music: building and playing percussion instruments
•    Games: building of play activities with recycling materials 
3) Children are accompanied on visits to 10 places which are highly representative for the artistic, cultural and environmental heritage (for example, farms, museums, castles, natural reserve and parks, etc.)