Rich Salad

The Municipality of Fiano Romano supported the Rich Salad (Insalate Ricca) project to reduce early school leaving by acting on some of the triggering causes. These inlcuded the lack of integration of different ethnic groups within the local community and difficult relationships within the groups of students. F     ood was chosen as the central activity to connect pupils and families with the environment, the region, different groups and their culture.        


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'Use food celebrations and cooking activities to enable pupils to learn about different cultures, and provide engagement opportunities for disadvantaged groups'

How is the project linked to climate change and sustainability?

The project developed the concept of diversity, giving it a positive connotation and enhancing its importance within the group. It explored the importance of safeguarding environmental bio-diversity and food biodiversity as a symbol of safety and quality, and finally arriving at the discovery of one's own identity as a precious diversity within the group.

Who is involved?

The project worked with a range of people within the community, with specific actions aimed at pupils, school teachers, families and members of the community.

How were the participants involved?

Direct action with the children of the eight classes of the Primary School involved the following:

1. Multimedia lessons on the key principles of nutrition and in particular the production of some typical regional products (honey, oil and wheat) linked to biodiversity and environmental protection. 

2. Sensory taste laboratories to learn about local produce through all the senses. 

3. Artistic workshops using produce as the raw material for the creation of three-dimensional paintings and put on display to families and the community during the final day.

4. The creation of a multicultural recipe book in the classroom involving families in the choice of recipes in common use in Italy and abroad.

Key steps:

Food provides a great way for people from different background to share their experiences and cultures. You may be able to implement some of the project ideas yourself. The Rich Salad project involved the whole school community in the following key activities:

1. Educational sessions with pupils with theoretical, sensory and creative classes

2. Families were invited to seminars and workshops on the importance and methods of proper nutrition

3. Meetings open to the community tackled issues around 'youth discomfort', parent-child relationships, and the complexities of the world of children;

4. A course for school staff explored the role between the school and family, highlighting the best techniques of mediation, communication and involvement.

5. A final day treasure hunt with class teams comprising its pupils, teachers, parents and friends, with snack provided through the prparation of multi-ethnic dishes.