Radostice School farm boxes

Scuk.cz is a network of hundreds of local consumer groups which regularly order quality products from small Czech farmers and artisanal food producers. The Scuk.cz platform enables the consumer groups to select and order delivery of farms products. Scuk.cz thus helps smaller producers and farmers to sell in wholesale volume at retail prices directly to customers. The Scuk.cz platform is now also available for school canteens to order fresh produce from small farmers from all around the Czech Republic. 

The vision of the Scuk.cz platform is a world in which quality local food and products will be available to everyone. One of the schools who created a consumer group in the school is the Primary school in Radostice. The group is led by Betty, one of the pupils parents. 







'Find a local organic vegetable box supplier to reduce food miles and support sustainably produced food'

How is the project linked to climate change & sustainability? 

The Scuk.cz platform supports the local economy and sustainability - it connects local producers with customers from all over the Czech Republic. Most of the farmers selling on the platform are small farmers, in many cases certified organic.

Who is involved?

The Scuk.cz school shopping group can be managed by the head of the school canteen, chef or by an active teacher or parent. The group can be organised solely for the purpose of sourcing food for school catering or can also include orders from school staff and parents. If the group is created to purchase food for the school canteen, the purchasing process is organized by the school canteen staff.

At the Radostice School it’s the parents who take care of running the scheme, namely Betty mother of one of the pupils. Betty talks to the kitchen ladies, put together a list of food needed for next week, than makes an order via the Scuk.cz platform. Other parents also make their own orders. Once the food is delivered Betty and other parents come to school to split the food into boxes for the parents.  

How are the participants involved? 

The shopping group can be extended to include parents or teachers who can add their orders. Older pupils can also be involved in running the process by helping with collection of orders, preparing the delivered produce for pick-up, managing the finances and collecting empty boxes. At Scuk.cz its believed that food connects. Thanks to the concept of joint orders, the delivery and pick-up days often turn into social events.

At the Radostice School the school kitchen ladies work closely with pupils’ parents to organise the shopping. Parents help with putting together the list of food needed for the school kitchen menu needs, then place an order and help organise the delivery and pick-up.

Key steps: 

You may be able to find a local box scheme that can deliver to your school. Here are some steps to consider:

1.    Do some research on the internet to find local box schemes and see if they deliver to your area.
2.    Promote the idea to parents and the school community and see how many families are interested
3.    Organise a team of people to co-ordinate the project - perhaps involve the children in the job roles
4.    Collect orders from parents and school staff
5.    Place the order with the box scheme operator (eg Scuk.cz)
6.    Organise the delivery and pick-up day with those who placed orders