Let's Fix It

This initiative run by DIE UMWELTBERATUNG aims to educate students how to reduce the consumption of resources and to develop skills on how to repair their things. Teaching materials and videos for the age group 10 -14 years are provided. Topics including reparing electronic appliances, textiles and bicycles. The materials available to schools consist of teaching resources and a toolbox for small repairs. Topics such as resource consumption and the environmental impact of production and consumption are also integrated. The main focus of the project is centered around practical tasks such as how to repair and extend the functional life of products.






Photo by DIE UMWELTBERATUNG/M. Kupka, E. Schwarzlmüller

Useful links:

Here is an example of a nursery school in the UK working to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle


Recycle the plastic bottles by cutting them in half, making holes in the part under the bottle and using them as pots for the school garden.

How is the project linked to climate change & sustainability?

Being able to repair things yourself is an important skill for a sustainable, resource-conserving and waste-avoiding lifestyle. Students are encouraged and empowered to extend the lifetime of everyday objects and to avoid waste. The competence to repair contributes, not only to the conservation of resources, but also to personal independence and self-reliance.

How are the participants involved?

Teachers can freely download the materials which are linked to curriculum subjects including biology & environmental studies; mathematics; history and social studies; geography and economics; physics and DT. The teacher training colleges of the Federal states of Austria offer introductory courses for interested teachers. In schools, students are involved in the selection of repair topics that interest them.

Key steps

  • Teachers and students decide what they would like to repair in the classroom.
  • Practical repair activities are run in the classroom.
  • Opportunities for an optional visit to local crafts people and repair businesses.