Go Cook the Tastebox

GoCook is part of the Co-ops ‘Schoolcontact’ which is a small publisher that focuses on providing teaching material that covers the topics of health, consumption, environment, climate, and ethical trade. GoCook provides many different services including developing, teaching materials. However, their largest initiative is called GoCook Smagskassen (the taste box). Its a a project that combines theoretical teaching with working with food. This project is provided for free for up to 24 pupils for each class. The project provides taste boxes, that include ingredients and teaching material. This is used by teachers to involve the students in engaging and exciting learning experiences with food.


GoCook the Tastebox




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The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts runs a chefs 'Adopt a School'  project where chefs and hospitality professionals deliver food education primary schools across the country. The lessons are designed to teach children the basics of food and cookery without the need for cooking facilities – which most primary schools lack. All that is required is the classroom!


'Develop a climate friendly menu or meal with ingredients that are as locally sourced as possible'

How is the project linked to climate change and sustainability?

Climate issues are included in the teaching around food every year and during 2019, the project had climate change as its main theme. By providing class material that examines how production of food is related to climate change the project aims to combine theory of climate change and working with food in practice. The class materials also give practical examples of how to create a climate friendly menu. 

Who is involved?

Teachers and pupils are involved with the project and GoCooks tastebox works with around 150,000-170,000 pupils every year. These activities are spread out over 75% of elementary schools in Denmark.  

How are participants involved?

If you have enrolled in class for the GoCook Tasting Box, you will receive free teaching materials and a free tasting box with ingredients for 24 students. By providing the ingredients, cookbooks and theoretical material, the taste box is designed to involve the pupils by working with food while also receiving lectures that are construced around the yearly topic. The ambition of the project is to create the first generation of children who are better at cooking than their parents.

Participants can also take part in competitions on social media if they are over 13 years old, download the GoCook app where 700 easy recipes for children are available, and even see the GoCook on Tour cooking van at Co-op stores around the country.

Key steps:

There are some key steps to take when joining the GoCook scheme, but you can equally devise your own project if you are not able to sign up,

1. Teachers can sign up online during September.

2. Schools receive the teaching materials in advance. This lets you prepare before you receive the box with ingredients

3. The Tastebox will be delivered during a week of your choosing. You may wish to buy a few extra ingredients that are not in the box. 

4. Enjoy your taste box. The provided material is designed for 4-8 teaching sessions. 

5. Watch the films on GoCook TV and download the app for more recipes

6. Take part in competitions on GoCook social media

7. Download the GoCook annual wheel to find suggestions on how to use GoCook throughout the year.