Garden with the Class

This project will be implemented in a primary school in Krakow. Pupils from grades one to four will develop the area around the school into a garden together with their teachers, parents and grandparents.  As part of the school activities the children will prepare a plan of what will be planted in the garden, i.e. vegetables, herbs, flowers. They will collect seeds, prepare seedlings, harvest the crops and use them in cooking workshops.  Children will experience different processes involved in the life of the earth.

How is the project linked to climate change & sustainability?

During the preparatory work, the children will have the opportunity to learn about the diversity of the natural environment. The work in the garden will also make them more aware of the surrounding nature and how important it is that the human race looks after the planet. Humans have an impact on the environment and the children experience during the project.

Who is involved?

The program was launched as a pilot in the 2019 / 20 school year. During this pilot, eighteen schools were selected through the recruitment process. Now the project has launched fully, there are also opportunities for parents and grandparents to be involved in the construction and care of the gardens and thus build a bond with their child or grandchild.

How are the participants involved?

All project participants will be involved in preparing the school's organic garden and compost area. Pupils, teachers, parents and grandparents will prepare the soil for the beds, sow, plant and then nurture them on a daily basis. Children will learn how to do this from adults. The culmination of the garden work as the season unfolds will be vegetable and herb harvests and cooking workshops. The program involves the entire school and local community through events that are based on  the school garden as a resource. There are plans for intergenerational gardening groups, corporate volunteering sessions and integration with the local community and other schools.

Key steps

  • Identify a suitable growing space in your school
  • Plan the area thinking about where the paths and growing beds will go
  • Enlist parents, colleagues and local businesses to help construct your garden
  • Source your growing kit like tools and seedlings
  • Work with the children to plan your growing calendar
  • Run some intergenerational gardening groups, corporate volunteering sessions and integrate with the local community and other schools.
  • Think about the cooking workshops at the end of the project and grow things that can be used in your cooking recipes


Garden with the Class





'Give the children ownership of the project by allowing them to decide what they would like to grow'