Foody Game by Co-op Sole

Cooperativa Sole (Sun Co-op) is a large organisation that comprises more than 100 producers of fruit and vegetables. Sole is located in a highly suitable area of Campania, with member producers in other regions of Southern Italy, too. The Co-op is keen to engage people with the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables. They have launched an online educational game, the Foody Game Green, on the properties and benefits of over 100 varieties of fruit and vegetables.


Foody Game by Co-op Sole

Useful links

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'Try to cook and eat fresh, local, seasonal and unprocessed fruit and vegetables for a planet-friendly meal'

How is the project linked to climate change and sustainability?

A more plant-based diet is a key requirement for becoming more sustainable in our food production. The Foody Game helps people find out the benefits of a whole range of fruit and vegetables and will hopefully enable them to make positive choices in terms of their own health and that of the planet. In a world where there is a huge increase in processed vegetarian food from across the globe, this project enables people to consider what is fresh and unprocessed. Co-op Sole is also a supplier of organic produce which in turn is a more sustainable method of prduction.

Who is involved?

This project is freely available to anyone of the Co-op Sole website. It is available to families and can also be used in schools to enable pupils to learn about health and nutrition from fruit and vegetables.

How are the participants involved?

Co-op Sole engages with the public and schools through events and fairs. Participants are able to access the Foody Game on the website, which also contains seasonal recipes for making the most of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Key steps:

1. Think about how you can move to a more plant-based diet. Which fruit and vegetables do you usually eat? What would you like to try?
2. Visit the web page and play the Foody Game. Discover more about the health properties of your diet. Are there varieties that you'd like to try?
3. Look for new recipes to try out and think about eating a balanced plant-based diet that meets your nutritional needs