Educational Homesteads

National Network of Educational Homesteads is a project that has been run since 2015 by the Agricultural Advisory Centre Branch in Kraków. Almost 280 farms from Poland participate in it. The network serves to disseminate the idea of education on farms and promote the activities of educational farms. The network provides education on plant and animal production, food processing and ecological consumer awareness. Educational activities on farms bring many benefits and schools can diversify and enrich their educational offer through undertaking practical activities on farms. 

How is the project linked to climate change & sustainability?

Environmental and consumer education is one of the five educational goals pursued by farms belonging to the National Network of Educational Homesteads.The farms provide education related to ecology, sustainable economies and climate change. Farms enrolled on the project run activities that are linked to these topics. 

Who is involved?

Preschool, primary and secondary school age are all able to attend the visits and they are tailored accordingly. Families with children are able to attend, as are educators and teachers for training sessions. 

How are the participants involved?

The concept of Educational Homesteads is based on the potential of a farm to be a place for education. Their unique infrastructures, production and farm activities, the skills and experiences of farmers, the values of the rural family, local traditions and culture make farms exciting places of learning. The project supports farms to offer short educational projects. In a time where more and more children have little to no understanding of where their food come from, educational farms are well placed to offer a better understanding of the countryside. In the long run, this learning can help to contribute to the protection of agricultural biodiversity and the sustainable use of rural areas. 

Key steps

  • Identify a suitable farm close to your school that hosts visits
  • Discuss with the farm what your learning outcomes will be
  • Work with the farm to put together a programme and activities for learning
  • Check that key health and safety measures are in place for the visit, like handwashing and suitable staffing numbers


Educational Homesteads





'Link up with a farm near you for lots of practical opportunities to learn about sustainability'