Climate Depends on Us!

The main objective of the project is strengthening the civic awareness and participation on climate change issues in schools and local communities in Western Bulgaria. The project aims to apply fresh and innovative techniques to involve local communities in solving issues of local importance in relation to climate change.


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Useful links:

The British Council provides a round-up of climate change resources for schools

Pupils at The Bicester School in the UK have worked with the local community to tackle climate change issues.


'Review any climate damaging practices in your school and make recommendations for change'

How is the project linked to climate change and sustainability?

At the moment in Bulgaria there are no clear and understandable public messages to promote easy, fast and affordable solutions, applicable in everyday life and with a positive impact on the climate. It is imperative to make efforts to build a mentality and behaviour with a positive climate impact.

Who is involved?

The project includes various activities that are aimed and open to participation of specialists from municipal administrations, other regional institutions and local communities, with an emphasis on involving young people, teachers, students, farmers, businesses and active citizens.

The project is implemented by the EcoCommunity Foundation in partnership with the Environmental Association 'For the Earth' and HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation. The project is funded by the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme.

How are the participants involved?

An important target group are young people, and for this purpose practical work has been implemented with schools in seven municipalities and in four cities in Southwestern and Northwestern Bulgaria - Petrich, Blagoevgrad, Vratsa and Montana. The main theme here is the small contribution that each of us can make in everyday life; games and field observations of bad practices; and creative youth activities to change to more climate-friendly habits.

Key steps:

The Climate Depends on Us project includes the following activities. You may wish to replicate these steps in reviewing what is happening in you local area: 
1. Create a study of local and industrial practices including the fields of agriculture, forests, water resources, waste management, energy sources and energy consumption.
2. Review the climate-damaging household and industrial practices and recommendations on good examples to make change.
3. Hold public meetings with local stakeholders to make people aware of the possibilities for overcoming harmful actions that have an impact on climate change at the local level.
4. Hold a competition for the best ideas that would provoke local people to think and change their understanding of climate change and the relationship between human activity and nature.