Clean up the world

Clean up the World is an international campaign taking place around the world on the third weekend of September. Its aim is to increase the ecological awareness of society. In Poland, the action under the name "Clean up the World - Poland" has been taking place every year since 1994. The national patron and coordinator of the action in Poland is Our Earth Foundation.


Clean up the World





'Even if you can't find a similar project in you country, consider running your own clean up in your local community'

How is the project linked to climate change & sustainability?

The project raises the level of ecological awareness of society, strengthen the sense of responsibility for the environment and encourages people to take action aimed at its protection.

Who is involved?

Schoolchildren, scouts, members of environmental organisations, employees of companies, young people and adultsall  take part in the action on a voluntary basis.

How are the participants involved?

"Clean up the world - Poland"helps participants to foster a respect for the environment. Its goal is to promote non- littering, waste education and to initiate actions that reduces our negative impact on the environment. Since 1994, on the third weekend of September, together with hundreds of thousands of volunteers: children and adults - everyone who cares about the environment - activities are carried out to promote waste reduction, selective collection and recycling, as well asto  search for and if possible, remove fly tipping. These activities are accompanied by a whole range of other activities such as establishing green areas, planting trees, bushes and flowers, exhibitions, festivals and concerts.

"Clean up the world - Poland" engages local communities into carrying out activities that can make a real difference.  According to the participants, the action is a good method of educational work and a valuable way to carry out volunteering.

Key steps

  • Clean up the World is an international campaign, so see how it works in your country
  • Sign up and get involved
  • Even if you don't sign up, maybe you could run a similar project yourself
  • Identify a local area that needs a clean up
  • Recruit volunteers from the local community to help
  • Make sure you have gloves, bags and other bits of kit